Welcome to the MA-share forum.

This forum is created by a group of users, with the purpose to let you - a user - help improve the quality of the fixture libraries in the Grand MA1 series of lighting consoles.

You may use this forum to download fixture libraries that might not be ready in your conoles current software. There is an open part for grand MA 1 files and a Closed part (Fixture Archive) for Grand MA2 and dot2 files, as we refer these to the www.fixtureshare.malighting.com

Again we state that Grand MA2 fixture files can no longer be uploaded here.

As the forum is open to all users, it is important that you also comment if you find faults on other peoples uploaded files, or even better correct the faults found and upload a new one with your commented improvements.

MA is welcome to use any fixture profile they find good and working and are welcome to incorporate it to their next software release.

Once in a while the forum admins might delete older files, so do not use this as a warehouse for all sort of specially customized files (e.g. A file where gobo names were changed for a specific show) but keep these kind of files yourself.

For dot2 Users:

Please use the dedicated dot2 forum located at